Since 1854, the brand establishment, Louis vuitton always with the traveling culture development is accompanied, settlement of soil during nineteenth Century and twentieth Century, with the industrial revolution because of rapid development, all kinds of vehicles. The balloon is beginning popular fashionable traffic.
On a hot air balloon floated off huge. Everything louis vuitton outlet online in the novel of Mr. Verne "around the world in eighty days" is magic show. The vast land, wonderful suspension, across the river, it seems like every balloon can lead us to the unknown mystery.
As early as the late nineteenth Century, Louis vuitton had a hot air balloon designed especially for the famous "Aero trunk", more prove out with when all is quiet travel adventure spirit. The box is made from lightweight wood, travelers carrying belongings to ensure maximum, while not adding any extra weight.
Hot air balloon has also become a symbol of the spirit of Louis vuitton travel to the destination, the uncertainty of the meaning through the extreme - explore the wonders of the journey is the real meaning of travel. 2010 in Beijing China National Museum space-time Louis vuitton Art Tour Exhibition seems to float in the exhibition hall in the "big balloon will visitors from reality, immediately to the magic and fantasy world.
Louis vuitton and cour carree
Louis vuitton and Paris
Paris, known to the world for centuries in Huadu, numerous secret city. The birthplace of Louis vuitton, but also the romance capital of the world. Almost never change the city pattern seems to be destined to have occurred in the city where the story annihilation. In the movie Lewis running in the empty city streets, explorer of journey to the unknown.
Whether the financial capital and cultural center, louis vuitton outlet online any street in every city are possible adventure, Louis vuitton through the City Guide series and share in the tourism and city life passion. Since 1998, included in the series of thousands to show all the soul of the city. "Louis vuitton City Guide" invited a team full of wit of journalists and writers, they shake the change of heart city detailed reports, according to the fashion, design, art and food give an objective and impartial evaluation.
Every year, "Louis vuitton" Paris city guide will be re introduced about 600 destination, they are the extraordinary honor of all. The new mechanism, wonderful, fashion, the hot food resorts and personal recommendation: 2013 versions about the new trend of every stock of the city. This guide also describes the forgotten or little-known place: five Stars Hotel, a local restaurant, a young chef or pastry chef's restaurant, fashion, chocolate, art, books and interior decoration store, home of artists, quirky museums. With concise map and detailed information, this guide for travelers and fearless city residents opened the city's Secret
Louis vuitton and Speedy
From the classic Monogram to Monogram Empreinte, a canvas to calf leather...... The famous Speedy handbags through a short but brilliant journey under the guidance of Louis vuitton. Speedy 25 handbag is the louis vuitton bags for cheap smallest one, and recently added the utility straps, now it is introduced into the Monogram Empreinte stamping calfskin leather series, reveal the Louis vuitton brand of traditional and top production process.
As a section of original works and essence into the louis vuitton outlet online masterpiece, the new Speedy has shown Monogram Empreinte series of classical, modern, young mind and cross's fashion collection in a body traits. While retaining the iconic shape at the same time, Speedy 25 strap handbag absorbed some typical details of Monogram Empreinte series: in particular and unique zipper pull of atmospheric golden brass rivets is known. Visually delicate and actual interior space filling, usage and changeable and full of fashionable breath, this bag can be in different ways: you can use to carry a length adjustable detachable shoulder strap arbitrarily inclined back, elegant shoulder straight back, using Toron to handle classical mellow carry articles, leisure or take in the arm elbow.
Goshiki dream
Monogram Empreinte stamping calfskin leather series of original four colors: blue, orange and the Infini Orient, Aube, and alluring purple red violet Aurore. On this basis, Speedy 25 straps, added fifth new colors: Brown Terre: low-key but rise above the common herd, alluding to Louis vuitton brand history. So when the world is hard to imagine, this classic is louis vuitton bags for cheap not always known as Speedy. Come out early in the last century 30's, this package initially named "express (Express)", in order to reflect the times people pursuit to update faster way to travel. In a stage, this bag is known as the "Wilne (Vernet)", is taken from Louis vuitton I live house where street names. But these aliases are not Speedy this is now all corners of the country's well known name.
Immortal celebrities bearing classic package
Speedy 25 handbag carrying a fascinating story. In early 1965, as the Louis vuitton brand loyal patrons winner Audrey Hepburn, commissioned by the Henry Louis vuitton special ordered a small version of a Speedy handbag. Since then, Speedy 25 has become a life long partner the most stylish actress, and later pursued numerous contestants favored.
Louis vuitton and hard box key
Since 1854, the brand establishment, Louis vuitton always with the traveling culture development is accompanied, settlement of soil during nineteenth Century and twentieth Century, with the industrial revolution because of rapid development, all kinds of vehicles. But Louis vuitton always keeps pace with the times, create amazing invention and innovation. louis vuitton bags for cheap Louis vuitton and the descendants of the world advanced things and transportation, technology, architecture, art and fashion development highly interested, observant of world affairs. Where a revolutionary invention, when George Vuitton in charge of the company published in 1890 "unpickable" more tumblers press lock, all luggage behind brand production are installed according to design the lock; and each guest was allocated to private lock number, namely all guest luggage box with a key switch. This system has been in use ever since.
In the film, Lewis from the Paris morning wake up louis vuitton bags for cheap, and her neck hung a soon to open her mysterious journey key.
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